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Michelle Cox is the founder and CEO of a high-performance and executive coaching firm that utilizes an ontological approach to accelerate Leadership and Personal Development. Cox has been coaching for almost a decade and holds a Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and provides coaching to corporate executives and entrepreneurs across the globe. 

With over two decades of experience leading and building high-performance teams, Michelle has led large global teams which required her to be skilled in virtual leadership and team development.  And today she leverages those experiences and skills when working with her clients.

Michelle’s coaching is designed to enhance her client’s leadership skills by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to develop both themselves and their teams.  The ultimate outcome, empowering executives to lead with greater impact, increase employee engagement, and drive business profitability.


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Let me start with admitting that when Michelle and I first started having conversations on the need for an Executive Coach I was a skeptic. I really wasn’t sure what the experience would offer me and or my business. Let me tell you that after only a few sessions I had completely changed my opinion.
I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with Michelle and have her guidance in helping me strive for success and navigate both life and business issues while also giving me the ability to see things through varying lenses and angles.”

Jeff // entrepreneur

Here's How I Can Help: 

Executive Coaching

You are an executive looking to improve your leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, and delegation, navigating significant changes such as mergers or restructuring, identifying and overcoming performance obstacles, enhancing emotional intelligence, and addressing interpersonal issues that may be affecting your performance or team dynamics. 

With feedback and guidance, executives can develop stronger relationships with colleagues, motivate their team, and achieve better results, making executive coaching a valuable investment for those looking to enhance their leadership skills and overall performance.



Leadership Workshops

You are an executive looking to build a strong leadership team by allowing leaders to build relationships, aligning leaders towards the same goals, and implementing new processes.

Throughout the workshop, leaders will be provided with new tools and techniques to improve performance through coaching, feedback, conflict resolution, and fostering innovation by sharing ideas and best practices. Leaders will further develop skills such as strategic planning, communication, decision-making, and delegation.  This will require you as their leader, to drive accountability after the workshop is complete.



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