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Performance Accelerator

Are you ready to MAXIMIZE your leadership and organization’s potential?

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Does this sound like you?

  • Working around the clock leaving little time for you, your health, your family or those you care about most?
  • How about challenges with hiring and retaining top talent?
  • Or what about ownership in reaching your business goals?
  • Big gaps with communication resulting in micromanaging, missed deadlines & missed opportunities
  • And finally, the business results are stagnant or limited?

Do you want to:

  • Build authentic relationships where your employees feel valued that they become advocates for hiring and acquiring new customers.
  • Build a culture where information is flowing across the organization never leaving you wondering what’s happening
  • Create a team dynamic where everyone is pitching in and owning the business priorities regardless of title
  • Stop working around the clock and be intentional and a demand with how you take care of yourself
  • Achieve the business results you’re yearning for and celebrating you’ve surpassed your KPI’s

Life Changing Results Are Happening Inside of

Performance Accelerator...

Jeff | Founding Partner

I have seen the accelerated growth of my business and achieve both business and personal goals that I at first, I didn’t think were possible. We have doubled my business revenue over the last 24 months and am consistently adding 1 ½ to 2 new million-dollar clients every month.

Brandon | Founder + CEO

Michelle has a keen sense of getting to the core of where the obstacle might be and presents it in a way that is insightful. What makes Michelle a powerful coach is that she combines listening, acknowledgment, and helps move through core issues quickly.

Taren | Founder + CEO

Michelle helped me understand that not all decisions have to end with "either/or"; a solution can often include an "and" conversation. Most importantly, she kept me accountable to take action. She was the perfect remedy to getting me out of my own way.

Have you tried these methods only to end up with the same results you had before?

There is a better way to level up your leadership, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and finally achieve the business results you’re after.

  • An 8 figure business owner who went from the brink of bankruptcy to doubling his business revenue and is consistently adding 1 ½ to 2 new million-dollar clients every month. Guess what else? He lost 25 lbs. while doing it.

  • A Sr. Business Development Executive in the Real Estate industry went from being on the chopping block to having the lowest attrition in the organization, meeting the business revenue objectives despite the pandemic and receiving a glowing review from the CEO

  • A Sr. Sales Executive in the Technology industry went from stagnant sales to consistently executing record breaking sales, losing 30 lbs. and created personal financial stability

  • A silicon valley startup Owner and CEO went from having an Executive team that didn’t trust him to creating authentic relationships, a clear vision for his organization and executing on that vision to achieve VC funding.

  • A Financial Advisor CEO for a Financial Firm went from surviving to hiring a team of highly engaged professionals and launching an additional company at the same time.



Life Changing Results Are Happening Inside of

Performance Accelerator...

Leslie - VP, Strategy + Operations

I found the work I completed with Michelle to be valuable from both a career and personal perspective. Her professionalism, experience, and warmth were instilled in each coaching session.

Scott | Chief Operating Officer

I consider myself a "successful, professional athlete" in business and Michelle is the perfect coach. Michelle helped me create balance between family and work and as a result I am a more complete person.

Stephanie | Founder

My time with Michelle has been life-changing for me and so rewarding. I will always and forever be grateful.

What do you need to do to achieve these types of results?


The Performance Accelerator Methodology focuses on 5 core areas

⭐️ Leader of your Life - Your life impacts your business and vice versa. This allows you to take a personal inventory to ensure there’s a healthy balance and what balance is for one may be different for another.

⭐️ Leader of your Work - This allows you to create self-awareness of who you are as a leader, what expectations you have of yourself and your team.

⭐️ Leader in your Relationships - This is all about creating healthy relationships whether it be with your clients, employees or boss. Creating healthy relationships builds trust and with trust, your employees will want you to win!

⭐️ Leader in your Organization - This is all about creating your vision for your team/organization. This focused strategy aligns your entire team and organization to achieving the results you are after.

⭐️ Leader of your Team - This is all about developing your employees. By doing so you keep them engaged in your organization. The more you invest in your employees, the more they invest in you!


We Do This Through:

Life Changing Results Are Happening Inside of

Performance Accelerator...

Christine | Group President

Our team now is better prepared to work out how to support and achieve the organizations priorities. The facilitation of the onsite helped build trust and team unity, I feel far more connected with the leadership team.

Alexis | Entrepreneur

Words can't express how thankful I am for Michelle! I am more confident in my job and myself after this experience. Michelle helped me achieve goals I didn't even know I wanted and the tools to do the work.

Casey | Vice President

Michelle's unique and effective ability to coach, counsel, challenge, organize and strategize as a member of “team Casey" and provides a holistic and goal-oriented approach in proactively supporting my personal and professional objectives.

If you're ready to maximize your leadership and organization's potential, book a call.

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