Leveraging Your Strengths and Passions at Work

Leveraging Your Strengths and Passions at Work

This SVP came to me unsure of what was next for her career. 

She had recently transitioned out of her SVP of Sales position and wasn’t sure if she wanted to pivot to something new or continue her sales journey. 

She had gained a lot of weight and had health problems she’d avoided for a long time.

They kept getting worse until she finally had to address them.

As leaders, we need to recognize that how we show up in our personal lives affects our professional lives and vice versa.

If we’re not showing up as our highest and best selves in one area, we can’t do so in another.

We identified Cheryl’s vision and Personal Brand Statement.

We discovered that her true passion was leading people and organizations through change.

In only 2 months, she landed a new career that blended her sales expertise and passion into one.

Now she’s being intentional about taking care of herself and incorporating fun and play (something we discovered was crucial for her to stay committed) for physical activity - signing up for pilates, yoga, and swimming classes.

She’s started moving her body 5 days a week for 30 minutes and is already down a few pounds.

Now we’re looking at her relationships and how she can create more of what she wants in that area of her life.

There’s a next-level higher version of yourself in business and life. If you’re ready to upgrade, let’s talk.

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