Aligning Your Company Culture With Organizational Goals

Aligning Your Company Culture With Organizational Goals

I recently spoke with an executive working at an organization that prides itself on its “amazing culture.”

But what’s really going on behind the scenes will shock you.

This executive has been with the company for years but no longer feels aligned with them.

He’s a good guy.

He wants to deliver excellent results.

And historically, he's done just that - delivered excellent results.

But the top executives have the departmental VPs competing with one another.

When one of the VPs doesn’t come to the table with something that's "good enough" they're being shamed.

It’s an incredibly unhealthy environment.

Fighting the political environment in the organization is eating up his time and energy.

It’s taking its toll on him.

“I never feel like what I do is enough,” he told me.

It’s sad.

He tried to share his perspective and got backlash from the leadership team.

So now he’s in the “shut up & put up” phase.

He doesn't want to go somewhere else but can't stay either.

And he’s not the only one.

You’d be surprised by how many leaders lack awareness about what’s really going on in their organizations.

Even the most well-intentioned can inadvertently create this kind of environment.

When our eye is so focused on the end goal up above, it’s easy to forget to look back and make sure we’re not climbing alone.

The ultimate end goal is a myth.

The ladder never truly ends.

There’s only the journey, continuous milestones and the people who help you make it happen.

Are you creating an environment conducive to that growth?

When I partner with executives, we build a culture of open and transparent communication.

We maximize productivity and employee engagement and celebrate surpassing your KPIs.

Like the Silicon Valley startup Owner & CEO who went from an executive team that didn’t trust him to creating authentic relationships and a clear vision and ultimately achieving $50M in VC funding.

What good is a billion-dollar company if nobody wants to work there?

If you’d like support to create a truly great culture where you can hit your biggest goals without sacrificing your best performers, book a call and let’s talk.

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