An Executive Leader’s “Guilty Pleasure” That Only Leads To Pain

I worked with a client who was a compulsive “yes” man.

And it held him back BIG TIME.


👉Attended meetings where he didn’t add any value.

👉Constantly let team members "stop by" his office for a "quick question" even if he was in the middle of work. 

👉Responded to emails at 10 pm. 

👉Worked weekends.

👉Missed vacations.

Plus, his wife was always on his case about him not helping out at home.

Sound familiar? 

One of the pillars I teach clients is how to be the *leader of your life.*

That means knowing when to say YES to opportunities.

And NO to seductive distractions. 

When you master this in your personal life, it trickles into your leadership in your:

Like Charles, who went from not sleeping or eating right & being on the brink of bankruptcy to…

  • Bringing in 1-2 million dollar clients every month.

  • All while taking control of his health & losing 25lbs!

  • Be the leader others look up to in admiration & wonder, “What’s his secret?” 

  • *Without sacrificing your health or relationships. 

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