Are You Guilty Of Having These Complaints About Your Team?

My employee is berating his team:

  • They aren’t listening

  • They aren’t delivering what they committed to 

  • Communicating with me or their team

  • Achieving their goals

  • Isn’t living our values

  • etc. etc. etc.

I’ve heard it time and time again from executives.

When we start peeling back the layers, whether it’s through a 360 assessment or more often than not, the executive themselves. We find that they are showing their teams how to do these very things by modeling the behavior.  

In most cases, they have no clue they are even doing it.

As leaders it’s imperative to look in the mirror and assess how you’re leading before you look the other way.

Leadership starts with you.

Starts with you through your thinking, speaking and actions.

Before you start looking outwards, take a moment and look inwards.

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