Are You Having Fun?

Over the last few weeks, I realized I was missing something in my day to day and after doing some soul searching, I found it to be fun and play!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having fun, but it was the norm…nothing new. I started looking at areas that I could create something different in this arena and boy did I find one! I decided to step into the uncomfortable and signed up for a Harley Davidson Riding Academy through the House of Harley. Why this?  Because I’ve always loved the experience of being a passenger but never thought I could actually ride on my own.  Time to debunk that mindset! 

I had the most amazing Riding Coach throughout the training.  He was thorough, kind, patient and most of all he consistently reminded us to have fun (Thanks Jim!)!!  He taught us that if we were stressed, it would reflect in our riding. If we were relaxed and truly enjoying the experience, the bike would do what we wanted and we’d see the intended result.  Uhm…I thought he was nuts…really, shifting our mindset would shift how we rode? I’ve always believed that thoughts become things but applying that concept to riding a motorcycle? Huh!? Throughout the training, I had to keep reminding myself, I’m here to have fun!  Play!  

And then came our skill test day…and I was shaking in my boots!  We completed the first evaluation and I knew I screwed up. My coach said, “Michelle, you’re a great rider, relax and enjoy yourself”.  I did just that. Crazy as it sounds, I sang a song throughout the rest of the evaluation to get me out of my head and to have fun…and guess what?  I passed!!!!! I guess I have to give special thanks to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Cool Rider song in Grease 2!  ☺

In reflection, I walked away with these lessons:

  • Thoughts truly do become things.  What you think is what will occur.  Whether it be riding a motorcycle, creating your dream career or manifesting the relationship you desire. 

  • Getting outside my comfort zone was scary…but oh so worth it!!  The smile on my face while riding outweighs that scariness any day.

  • You’re gonna make mistakes and it’s cool!  Be willing to make them and laugh at yourself after!  (uhm…I may have dumped the bike a couple times) 

You may consider asking yourself:

  • Are you creating fun and play on purpose?

  • Are you willing to get outside of what’s comfortable to achieve a new result?

  • What are you thinking?  Is it manifesting in different areas of your life?

Believe in yourself, believe in others….what could that create?

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