Are You Living Life with Your Head Down?

Last year I trained and completed for my first half marathon.  In the course of my training, I realized that I had a problem embracing my off days, the days I was supposed to rest and recover from the miles and miles I was putting on.  I run with my eyes down focused on not tripping over a crack in the sidewalk, avoiding puddles or obstacles that could cause injury. Very focused and with one purpose…finishing my run.  Knowing that rest was imperative, I also realized that rest looks a gazillion different ways, so I embraced this with taking a walk.  

As I was walking I came to realize how much I’ve been missing..  

  • Birds flying over the lake

  • Beautiful inspirational messages

  • Pausing/sitting to see the natural beauty surrounding me

There was beauty all around me and this was literally the first time I was seeing it!  All I had to do was look up and around me to see it.  

Are you looking up in your career, relationship, family, friends?

OR are you looking for the cracks, puddles and obstacles to take you down?

Take a chance, look up, embrace the cracks, puddles and obstacles…you might find the thing that is going to make the biggest difference in your life!

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