Are You Making The Same Mistake I Did?

Early in my leadership journey I set the expectations I had for myself onto my team.

I had the expectation that:

I had all emails read, worked weekends, responded to emails all hours of the day, I could make quick decisions and analytics was my jam.

None of these were expectations that my leader put on me or were set out in the job description. They were my own expectations that I made up of myself.

By doing all of that - not only was I modeling the way for my team, but I was also expecting them to do the same exact thing. 

Until it was reflected to me that I was doing that, I had no awareness. 

And I was setting them up to fail. It was a stomach sinking moment.  

With that awareness, I reset the expectations I had of myself and in turn the expectations I had of my team. My new expectations were:

My team started thriving, individually and as a team. We were achieving the results that I knew were possible for us and I personally got some much-needed time back.  

What expectations do you have of yourself that you’ve put on your team?

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