The Art of Taking Responsibility for Your Goals

The Art of Taking Responsibility for Your Goals

What if you could achieve your goals faster with one question: What if you were 5% more responsible? 

This question was recently posed to me by my coach. (yes, even coaches have a coach)

And it opened up my eyes. 

I had a list of at least 5 - 10 actions I could be taking that I wasn’t.

In most cases, I avoided these things for fear of judgment. (I’m human after all)

And because of that, I wasn’t progressing towards my goals as quickly as I could be.

Without that awareness, I would’ve continued to do exactly what I was doing.

And suffer the consequences in my:

❌ Stagnant business results
❌ Relationships with my family, friends, and loved ones not being fulfilling
❌ Well-being is good, and it could be better

It wasn’t about doing everything at once.

But it was providing me with awareness.

And with that awareness I could make new choices
Those new choices had me taking new actions 
New actions are allowing me to achieve my goals 

Faster than ever before.

What would happen for you if you were 5% more responsible in all these areas of your life?

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