Why Avoiding the Problem Won’t Make It Go Away

Why Avoiding the Problem Won’t Make It Go Away

So often we’re confronted with a problem.

Whether it be:


And because we don’t know how to resolve it, we utilize various strategies to avoid it.

We utilize:

-Distraction: Shifting attention to another topic or issue that seems more urgent or important.
-Reframing: Changing the narrative around a problem to make it appear to be a lower priority or a non-issue.
-Wait and see: Choosing not to take immediate action, hoping the problem will resolve itself over time.
-Shifting responsibility: Transferring responsibility to another department or team

All the while, the problem still exists.

Our avoidance tactics only work so long.

And we end up diluting trust and credibility in the process.

Instead of avoiding the problem.

Hit it head-on.

Acknowledge the problem exists.
Break down the problem into bite-size pieces.
Gather information.
Seek Input and perspectives.
Leverage resources and expertise.

And finally, develop a plan.

It takes a significant amount of energy to avoid a problem that exists.

Focus that energy wisely.

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