Choosing a Balanced Approach to Leadership

Choosing a Balanced Approach to Leadership

Are you doing this in your leadership?

Looking for what is wrong.

The more you look for it, the more you’ll find.

And the more you find can lead you down a never-ending rabbit hole.

And you end up creating:

Low morale
Decreased engagement
Limited creativity
Lack of trust
High turnover
Decreased productivity
Stress and Anxiety

If that wasn’t enough – you’ve created fear.

And that fear leads to constant turnover.

As leaders, we need to start looking for what’s right.

AND what areas can be improved.

It requires us to take a balanced approach.
In doing so you now have created:
Positive reinforcement - building upon the behaviors and strengths you want to see more of

Open communication – fostering an environment of a growth mindset where people want to know how they can improve and welcome the feedback.

Support and Development – your team knows that you’re in this together, you want them to win and are willing to develop their opportunities

And you have a foundation to build upon.

The more balanced approach you take.

The more you’re creating success for yourself, your team and organization.

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