Balancing Career Success with Your Personal Needs

Balancing Career Success with Your Personal Needs

Please remember this…

You are replaceable.

At work.

If you quit or get terminated

Organizations will replace you in a heartbeat.

Or disperse your work to others.

We’re seeing that trend play out at this very moment.

And leaders are experiencing an abrupt wake-up call.

It's a reminder that the extensive time and energy poured into work

Might not hold as much value as once thought.

And as they go through this experience

They are recognizing where they’re not replaceable…

At home.

With their:

Loved ones near and far

So before you’re so quick to say no to:

A golfing trip with your buddies
Your kids play or concert
Date night with your partner
Dinner with your family
A community gathering

Think twice.

As they might not happen again.

But I assure you.

Whether it’s with this organization or another.

The work will.

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