A Blueprint to Increase Accountability & Results

A Blueprint to Increase Accountability & Results

Do you feel like your team is constantly missing the mark? 

If you're nodding yes, it's time for a leadership reflection.

The hard truth?

Teams often fail to take ownership because they lack clear accountability from their leaders.

Accountability isn't about placing blame.

It's about setting your team up for success from the get-go.

This means:
-establishing clear expectations
-measuring effectiveness
-having a robust performance management process in place

Building blocks for success include:
1. A clear vision
2. Development & growth plans
3. Consistent check-ins
4. Crucial conversations
5. Annual reviews

A key piece that’s often overlooked is #2 - development and growth.

When it comes to this area, get specific (what by when).

Additionally, don’t give them 10 things to work on.

Focus on the top 3 opportunities that will provide the biggest payoff.

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