Elevating Team Performance: The Role of Coaching in Employee Engagement

Elevating Team Performance: The Role of Coaching in Employee Engagement

If you’re doing this to your employees in hopes of getting a different result, stop immediately.

Recently there’s been an upward trend of employees being berated by their leaders.

And the leaders who are doing the berating think that by yelling, screaming and speaking down to their employees, they’re going to get the result they are after.

That the employee will change.

They’ll “get their act together”.

In reality, all they’ve done is:

**Decrease Morale: This leads their employees to feel demotivated, unappreciated, and undervalued, which can lead to a decrease in productivity and overall job satisfaction.
**Increase Stress and Anxiety: Negatively impacting an employee's mental health and well-being.
**Lower Productivity: When employees are stressed and demotivated, their productivity is likely to decrease. They may also be less likely to take on additional responsibilities or show initiative.
**Damage to Professional Relationships: It can create a hostile work environment where employees do not feel comfortable or supported.
**Impact on Mental Health: Issues such as depression, anxiety, and burnout.

And nothing changes.

That employee’s performance doesn’t improve.

If anything, it gets worse.

The results don’t improve.

All they’ve done is create yet another barrier to the team and organization’s success.

Leaders have to stop.

It’s NOT ok.

If we truly want to see an employee’s performance improve, it requires us as leaders to:

*** Identify the root cause of the performance gaps
*** Work with that employee on creating a plan to improve
*** Coach and develop them
*** Communicate with them
*** Care about them
*** Invest your time and energy in helping and supporting them

We are required as leaders to treat our employees as humans.

Believe in them.

That they are capable.

The results will follow.

Will you be that leader?

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