Creating a Positive Workplace Culture for New Hires

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture for New Hires

If you’re going to talk the talk, you must walk the walk.

More often than anyone would like to hear or say.

Employees have experienced something other than that.

They join an organization with high hopes.

Expectations of what was said in the interview process to be followed through.

And because of that, they’re excited!

Ready to contribute!

The company that promoted and promised a culture of:

Willingness to embrace feedback - both positive and constructive
Promoting an environment where all opinions and viewpoints are valued

And then…it happens.

They embrace the opportunity to provide constructive feedback.

Something that will enhance the team, clients, and organization.

Then it happens.

They find that said leader and/or company isn’t so open.

Nor are they willing to receive constructive feedback.

They are “coached” on providing such feedback.

And their trust in their leader and that organization is eroded.

Before you know it, you’ve lost that employee.

Maybe not today.

Or tomorrow.

But it will happen.

If you’re going to promote your culture.

You must deliver on that culture.

Your employees are not only listening to what you say.

They are watching what you do.

And those two things must go hand in hand.

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