Dear Leaders Ever Have An Employee Break Down In Tears?

Or…Come in your office complaining or angry?
More often than I’d even like to say, leaders tear these employees down when these situations occur.
“I don’t have time for this, they need to get over it”
The fact of the matter is though, these emotions matter. These emotions show they care. They’re invested in what the company is producing. The work that they are doing.
And when you shut down their ability to feel their emotions. You’re essentially telling them: You don’t care. They shouldn’t care.
Which is the opposite of what you really desire.
You want them to care. You want them to be invested.
The next time this occurs ask the question “are you coming here to vent or be coached”. Create the safe space for them to feel their feels. And move on.
Please allow your employees to feel and express their emotions.

It'll make the world of difference for them and you.

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