Do You Make This Mistake When Leading Your Team?

I was recently working with a client and over the course of time there was a pattern in their language.  It was always someone else’s fault when a “problem” occurred. 

The language was the same:

→ They didn’t have the knowledge
→ They f’d it up
→ They weren’t doing their job
→ They weren’t doing x, y or z
→ They were the reason the company was failing

I asked one simple question “where are you responsible”? Instead of looking at his responsibility in all the opportunities, he looked outwards instead of looking inwards.  

Let's face it, is always much easier to do. When you’re leading a team, it’s your responsibility to start with you.  

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to assess your leadership to get better results:

→ How are you leading your team?
→ Are you coaching/developing them?
→ Have you set clear expectations?
→ Are you holding them accountable to those expectations?
→ Are you teaching them what it looks like to be successful?

Then you can look to your team and identify where they are responsible.  Responsibility in a relationship whether personal or professional goes both ways.

Which way are you looking?

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