Don't Confuse Expertise with Leadership

Don't Confuse Expertise with Leadership

If you want to have a greater cultural impact on the organization…

Don’t promote someone just because they’re an “expert” in one area.

The skills required to thrive as an individual contributor or in one role are not the same skills needed to lead a team effectively.

Here are the competencies to look for:

👥Peer leadership

They have influence and respect among peers.

✨Responsibility & accountability

They own decisions and outcomes.

🤝Interpersonal skills

They communicate and connect with empathy.

💭Team-first mentality

They prioritize collective success over individual accomplishments.

📚Commitment to self-development

They embrace feedback and personal growth.

A rockstar salesperson doesn't automatically make a great leader.

Focus on those who naturally exhibit leadership qualities, even if they haven't held formal leadership positions.

Leadership isn't about being the smartest person in the room.

It's about inspiring, guiding, and bringing out the best in others.

Keep this in mind before you promote your next leader.

Promote the person who is a damn good leader.

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