Leading with Impact: Empower Your Team for Success

Leading with Impact: Empower Your Team for Success

Empower or Overshadow? The leadership dilemma every executive faces

Whether they realize it or not.
I spoke with an executive recently who had a presentation coming up.
It was on a topic that while they were extremely knowledgeable.
There was a member of their team that was an expert in this area. 
Instead of empowering the head of the department, the expert in this area…
This executive held on tight and wanted to be “the one” to create and deliver it.
After all, they were the “boss of the team”.
They wanted to be seen and heard by this prestigious group of individuals.
In reality, all it did was make that group question their decision.
And their team member feeling disheartened.
As leaders, it’s easy for our EGO to take hold.
To create a competitive environment.
Instead of one of collaboration. 
This requires a mindset shift from the “doer” who takes all the credit to the “leader” who inspires others. 
When we find ourselves in a situation like this… 
Celebrate the fact that you have a member of your team doing so well.
Empower them to take the lead.
Spend your time coaching and developing them to deliver at their highest and best.
And in turn…
You will remove work from your plate.
It’s a win-win.

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