How to Encourage Your Team to Ask Tough Questions

Have you created a team that will ask you the tough questions?

We’ve all seen it, heck or even done it ourselves. I know I have.

We have an idea, crystal clean, we get excited, create the strategy, identify the people and we start executing.

And then - we have another idea.  And another.  We create a cycle of changing courses.

Utilizing resources that were working on the initial idea only to be asked to execute on the new thing, leaving the original work we started unfinished.  It creates a culture of:

Misutilization of resources
Products and services are not delivered

And if we’ve surrounded ourselves with “Yes” people, it can create an endless cycle of never accomplishing a darn thing.

If you’re a visionary - great! We need your vision

AND it’s imperative that you surround yourself with people who will:

**** Ask questions - how does this new strategy align with the original vision?
**** Explain the impacts of making this sort of transition (people, process, technology, clients)
**** Hold you accountable to finish what was started before moving on the next thing

If you want to achieve what you started out to,

You need these people on your team.

It can make the difference between constantly achieving your goals and increasing your revenue.

Or not.

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