Feedback Matters: Strategies for Employee Development

Feedback Matters: Strategies for Employee Development

Please start caring enough about your team and do this.

As the end of the year arrives, in most organizations, so do performance reviews

And too many times I hear employees are shocked

They’re blindsided.


Because the leader failed to provide them with feedback throughout the year.

They waited

For performance reviews to come around.

It’s the perfect time, right?


And in some cases, it’s not just one thing.

It’s three, four or five things they need to improve.

As a result, two things occur:

1. The leader allows themselves to be the victim of poor performance

Blaming the employee for the poor results.

2. The employee continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.

They never have a chance to improve before it’s “marked on their record.”

Before their pay is impacted

Before the team is impacted.

Before the organization’s results are impacted.

And they go into a state of shock.



And their performance further declines.

What was once a “simple” opportunity to overcome.

Has now become a battle to overcome.

And all you had to do to prevent this…

Was give them feedback.

In a timely manner.

If you don’t care about your people.

They won’t care about you.

Or your business.

Feedback shows you care.

You’re invested in them.

In their development.

In their success.

Stop waiting.

Start caring.

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