Is your organization making these mistakes when setting goals?

Is your organization making these mistakes when setting goals?

Here is the most common mistake organizations make when it comes to setting goals -

Not creating alignment across the cross-functional executive team.
Their goals are created in a silo.
In doing so your organization has:
❌ A lack of clarity
❌ Competing priorities on shared resources (IT/Human Resources/Procurement etc.)
❌ Employees spending their time in meeting upon meeting with no time left to DO the actual work
❌ Frustration
❌ Confusion
❌ Burnout
Everything is a priority and needs to be executed now.
Which ultimately ends up leading to limited work being executed on time or budget.
There’s a better way!
✅ Identify where the company is going, and your vision, you have some altitude.
✅ With that altitude, as a leadership team, identify the top key priorities that will contribute to achieving that vision
✅ Identify the necessary resources and align them with the priorities as a team
✅ Communicate what you’re doing and why you’re doing it as one team to the entire organization
Your entire organization then knows where you’re going, why you’re going there and what the end goal is.
Your entire team can focus, work efficiently and effectively towards achieving your ultimate goals.

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