Have You Told Yourself This Story?

Or even said it out loud?

“My team is incompetent”

Is this your explanation of why you must be involved with everything your team does?

The scary part is I’ve heard this time and time again from executives in different industries and even different stages of their journey as an executive.  

And what I’ve learned is that 90% of the time, the leader isn’t:

❌ Setting clear expectations on what they were doing and the outcomes he expected
❌ Coaching their team
❌ Trained their team
❌ Identifying the actual competency that’s getting in the way of their ability to be successful
❌ Had any type of 1:1’s to understand their challenges and development/guide them

It’s no shock that an employee isn’t meeting expectations when there isn’t anything being done to develop them so they can meet expectations.  

Employees need more than a title and job description.  They need:

✅ Your vision of where the team is going
✅ Clear expectations 
✅ Coaching and development 
✅ Feedback 
✅ Training
✅ Communication 

If you’re not providing all of that to them - you’ve set them up to fail.

No matter who you replace them with, you’ll always be in the same cycle and have the same story that your team is incompetent.  

Your team is a reflection of you.

The first thing is to look in the mirror and see if you’re doing everything possible for them to succeed.  

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