The Key to Setting Healthy Boundaries as a Leader

The Key to Setting Healthy Boundaries as a Leader

An executive started her day at 4am.

She spent all day on calls and work.

Took a short break in the evening.

Then got right back to work.

She craved time for community.

Time with her family.

Time for herself.


To simply enjoy the moment.

All things she thought were luxuries she couldn’t afford.

Together we:
-Clarified her personal and professional Vision
-Identified different career path options
-Distinguished her values and the expectations she had of herself and others
-Created the plan to get from where she was when we met to where she really wants to be

Now she knows how to set healthy boundaries.

Plus she’s:
-Stepped away from her all-consuming role
-Embraced a balanced life that includes therapy, regular workouts, and healthy eating
-Has dedicated 'me time'
-Enjoys two full weeks of vacation

It’s time to lead on your terms.

To adapt a leadership style that celebrates life as much as work.

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