Uncovering Hidden Leadership Opportunities by Embracing Your Flaws

Uncovering Hidden Leadership Opportunities by Embracing Your Flaws

The hidden opportunities inside these everyday leadership “flaws.”

As leaders, we don’t wake up one day declaring, “I’m going to be a perfectionist.”

Or thinking, “It would be great to feel like I never have enough time to do everything I need.”

Or decide, “I’m going to hoard all my money,” or carelessly spend money without thinking.

We don’t walk into the office on Monday exclaiming, “Today’s the day to micromanage my team!”

And yet these are 4 of the most common leadership styles that exist.

Manage & Control.

Often we’re not even aware of our leadership style.

It’s like a bias we have against ourselves.

We’re so used to doing it that we don’t even realize we’re doing it!

And, in all likelihood, we were probably trained to do it that way.

Oftentimes, it comes from our parents.

Or work experience or old bosses.

Here’s how to flip the script…

Perfectionist-style leaders have an opportunity to build their muscle by falling in love with imperfections.

Time-focused leaders have an opportunity to set boundaries with their time and learn to say ‘no.’

Money-driven leaders (either those who spend without thinking or those who watch every penny) have an opportunity to choose a new frame of mind in the middle of the two - not from scarcity or abundance but one more grounded in reality.

Manage & control-style leadership can be one of the most detrimental lenses for a leader to look through and usually shows up when we don’t allow our team to lead, collaborate or make mistakes.

This style has an opportunity to move from doing to leading and empowering their team to do the work they were hired to do.

Which style resonates most with you?

Instead of focusing on the “flaw,” focus on uncovering hidden leadership opportunities by embracing your flaws.

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