How Leaders Can Overcome The Hiring Struggle Right Now

I was talking to an owner of a large manufacturing company recently who was struggling to hire.

He told me they were setting up numerous interviews only to have these candidates not show up.

He ended up hiring a few retirees & said, “They’ll only work part-time, but they’re my best workers.”

He added, “A part-time worker who is dedicated & shows up is more valuable to me than a full-time one who doesn’t want to be there.”

I see so many leaders struggling to hire right now.

There are wildly under-leveraged communities where your best workers might be hiding.

Whether it be retirees or veterans or even two part-time workers for a full time one that you had planned.

It’s easy to stay in the “we can’t find people” mindset.

But that’s a limited mindset.

Leaders with a growth mindset think outside the box to find opportunities hidden in plain sight. 

You may not find the unicorn, but there are a lot of valuable, hardworking people out there if you’re willing to look for them and train them.

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