How Running Helps Me Be a Better Leader

How Running Helps Me Be a Better Leader

Ask me about running and watch me light up.

It’s more than just exercise for me—it's a lifestyle.

Running is where I find my solitude.

It's my zone of clarity.

When I hit that two-mile mark, my mind clears and the ideas start flowing.

I could be plotting out a new blog or brainstorming innovative solutions for my clients.

Often, I'll pause just to jot down a burst of inspiration on my watch—no phone, no interruptions.

Whether it’s the crisp morning air in winter or the extended daylight runs in summer, each step rejuvenates me.

I'm not just training my body but also conditioning my mind.

My highlight is The Fall 50, a relay race where each team member runs 10 miles, passing along a wristband that's definitely seen better days (talk about a sweaty baton!).

But the real joy?

Running teaches me to unplug, strategize and reconnect with my environment.

It's a powerful reminder to step back to move forward effectively.

It revitalizes my leadership and infuses my energy.

Running isn't just a part of my routine.

It's integral to my health and effectiveness in all areas of my life.

It sharpens my focus, boosts my creativity and keeps me grounded.

What about you?

What activity recharges your batteries and ignites your creativity?

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