How To Boost Team Performance When The Pressure Is On

“We're $50M behind our target for the year. I'm getting pressured by our CEO to figure out how to meet the narrative or we'll start holding on hiring."

^I heard this from an Executive Leader.

He'd been on the road & was out of sync with his team.

The $50M came as a shock to him.

Until the pressure hit from his CEO, he hadn't been prioritizing his team.

Or, I hear from leaders all the time, “I have an employee who's not performing. I’ve done everything I can…”

To which I always respond, “Have you really?”

As a leader, it’s up to you to unlock your people’s potential.

You can show them where you’re going.

But if you don’t coach & develop them, they won’t have the skillsets you need.

When you:
-Build a team you can trust to execute the work, even if you’re on the road or on vacation
-Invest your time in leading vs. doing

^This is what I call becoming a leader in your organization & team.

The ultimate benefit?

Get your time back, without sacrificing company results.

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