If You Aren’t Doing This Inside Your Organization…

If you aren’t doing this inside your organization, you’re likely not doing it outside your organization and the cost, is far more than you may think.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with endless number of suppliers and vendors.  

And there was one main thing that turned a supplier/vendor into a partner.

And what I’ve learned and seen countess times is when an organization wasn’t doing this thing with me.

It was because they weren’t doing it internally.

Within’ their organization.

Within’ their teams.

And it would make or break our relationship.

And it was simple.

All they needed to do to create a relationship and become a partner was communicate.


  • Proactively

  • Thoroughly

  • Genuinely

  • Openly

  • Transparently

And allow it to go both ways.

By listening.

And when this would happen with me, I also saw it happening throughout their organization.

Communication flowed up, down and across their organization.

They listened to their employees, clients, and partners.

Communicating is a core element to building a relationship.  

And in having a relationship there is trust.

People want to work for and partner with a company they know they can trust.

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