If you’re laying off any of your workforce, please do this!

I’m hearing and seeing all over my LI feed that companies are laying off a portion of their employees.
My heart tugs even more so in the cases when I hear how they were separated from the organization.
The biggest pain that any employee can experience is waking up to a mass email notifying them that they are one of the people impacted.
They’re left feeling
Uncertain about their future
Questions about their performance (hello did I do something wrong?!)
With no one there to talk to but an email.
Whatever it takes.
Please meet individually with each employee BEFORE sending out that email.
It doesn’t matter if you have a team of 3 HR professionals or 100.
Meet with them individually.
For many of them have worked tirelessly to support you in achieving the organizations goals and objectives.
And put their livelihoods in your hands
They deserve the respect.
The respect of talking to a real person.
To ask questions.
To be heard.

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