The Cost of Neglecting Intentional Time Management

The Cost of Neglecting Intentional Time Management

The Expensive Error Even Smart Executives Overlook

Leaders are taking on the work of their team to achieve results.

This leaves them frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed at work.

And the outcome?

A lack of communication, broken trust and damaged relationships.  

And that carries over into their personal relationships and well-being.

The same flavors show up in both.

If we're avoiding crucial conversations at the office, we're likely avoiding those conversations at home, with spouses, kids, friends, etc.

The solution?

It starts with being intentional with where, with whom, and how we’re spending our time.

Dedicating our time to teaching, coaching and development of our teams.

Rather than being the one doing all the work.

That is how we create powerful teams!

Plus, it gives us more time for family and friends to work out, take care of ourselves, and be active in our communities without sacrificing business results.

Don’t work harder; work smarter. 

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