The Key to Showing up in Your Career and Your Life

The Key to Showing up in Your Career and Your Life

This SVP of sales was at a crossroads in her career and health

They felt stuck in her career and personal life.

Struggling with a lack of direction and personal health issues that she had long ignored.

She had recently transitioned out of her SVP of Sales position.
She was unsure whether she wanted to leave sales completely to start something new or continue her sales journey.

She had gained weight and had health problems she avoided caring for for a long time.

It kept getting worse until she finally had to address them.

She felt like she was becoming a puppet, with her boss telling her to do this, do that.

She didn’t want that.

So she decided to transition.

I helped her identify her:

Vision for life and business.

Career Personal Brand Statement.

Clarify her passions (development of people and organizations, leading people and organizations through change, identifying and implementing strategic direction).

Identify her ideal organizational culture and leadership point of view.

Prioritize her health and well-being.

Set boundaries (especially when she started her new job).

Create concrete actions she was committed to both when she was at home and traveling…

Identify unhealthy habits and where resistance was showing up.

Personally and professionally she wanted to show up as her highest and best.

As a result, she:
-Landed her new career that blended both her Sales Expertise and her passion into one
-Learned to navigate a 100% remote team with 15 people reporting directly to her

We’re still working together and she’s:
-Focusing on well-being and relationships
-Moving her body 5 days a week for 30 mins
-Got on the scale and is already down a few pounds
-Being intentional and taking care of herself
-Incorporating fun & play (very important to her) with pilates/yoga, swimming

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