Dealing with a Lack of Transparency in Your Organization

Dealing with a Lack of Transparency in Your Organization

Are your leaders walking their talk?
There’s a transparency crisis in organizations right now.
And it profoundly affects team morale.
In an era of regular layoffs, the silence from the top can be deafening.
The larger the organization, the louder the call for clear, consistent communication.
A critical shift is needed as businesses scale from small to large.
To transition from DOING to LEADING.
The bigger an organization becomes, the more you not only have to model your way but also communicate, communicate, communicate.
Leaders start with a small business and grow and grow and grow and suddenly they have hundreds of employees and they’re still operating in that small business mentality, running, doing the work, not leading the work.
Here’s my advice:
Transition HOW you do work (so you are leading).
Leading looks like modeling the way.
Identifying your culture.
Communicating with transparency.
Like the executive, I helped whose team was not operating efficiently.
Quite frankly, part of the problem was that they never created a culture. They said they did, but they didn’t.
They had no foundation in their organization.
My client saw the problem but didn’t feel he was in a position to fix it and was ready to leave.
Sometimes, leaving is the answer.
But in his case, his work wasn't finished yet.
We shifted him from a victim mindset, “They’ve done this to me,”

To taking ownership while he was still there.

Leading himself and his team to the best of his ability instead of waiting for somebody else to do it.
If you're considering leaving your company, ask yourself:
What can I do here?
Where can I take responsibility?

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