Why Leaders Should Prioritize Self Care

Why Leaders Should Prioritize Self Care

Pop quiz for executives: What's the last thing you did just for you?

The usual response?

An awkward pause, an “Umm,” and then... silence.

In our deep dives, it often emerges that many executives are:
🚫 Skipping on sleep
🚫 Neglecting nutrition
🚫 Overlooking vacations
🚫 Bypassing the gym
🚫 MIA in their community
🚫 Delaying doctor visits
🚫 Forgetting hobbies
🚫 Missing precious moments with loved ones

What they often don’t realize is that this is not a mere oversight.

It's a CHOICE.

It's often unintentional, but it's a choice nonetheless.

But here's the thing: If you're running on empty, how do you fuel those around you?

Your team, your partner, your kids?

Executives, it's a nudge, not a critique.

What's your next move for YOU? And what’s been holding you back? 🤔

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