Leading with Vision and Integrity

Leading with Vision and Integrity

If you’re in leadership for the money…you may want to reevaluate. 

Or your time as a leader will be short-lived.

Leadership isn’t about

Your title

Or quite frankly anything that has to do with you.

Being a leader is about:

Creating a vision so clear that everyone wants to jump on board
Motivating and inspiring your team
Coaching and developing them
Making the tough decisions that impact people’s lives
Being responsible and accountable 
Holding others accountable 
Strategic thinking
Communicating, communicating, and communicating some more
Integrity (your intention, speaking, and actions are all aligned)

And so much more.

If you’re not in it for that, your results will show it.

Please stick to being an individual contributor

I’ve seen incredible individual contributors making loads more money than someone in a leadership position.

Leadership is something far beyond money.

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