Lessons on Innovation from Amazon and Snoop Dogg

Lessons on Innovation from Amazon and Snoop Dogg

Lessons on Innovation from Amazon and Snoop Dogg

Innovation isn't just about big ideas.🚀

It's about the right pivots at the right time.

Diana Kander shared two powerful examples of innovation in her “Unleash Your Curiosity” talk at a conference I attended.

One was Amazon’s experimentation strategy.

They came up with 10 different ideas and launched them all 6 months later.

Most got killed.

But one of the ideas was the Fire phone.

It wasn't successful as a standalone product, BUT consumers loved a feature, Alexa, now a game-changer in consumer tech.

From 10 ideas, 1 winner emerged.

Or, consider Snoop Dog’s brand evolution.

From hip-hop to selling gin, cannabis, cookbooks, and “Snoop doggs” hot dogs.

He embodies the spirit of constant reinvention.

🌟Innovation isn’t limited to tech giants or traditional business.

It's about exploring new avenues and being agile enough to pivot.

Even if we’re not Amazon or Snoop Dog, we can ask ourselves, “How can I apply this mindset of continuous innovation and curiosity to my professional and personal life?”

What's an area in your life or business that’s ripe for a fresh, innovative approach?

Your next big pivot could be just around the corner. ✨

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