The Role of Listening in Team Development

The Role of Listening in Team Development

In order to lead…

You must be willing to follow.

Leadership isn’t always about being in the forefront.

It’s really about knowing when you need to take the lead.

And how to support others in taking the lead.

Following in leadership can look like:

Active Listening
Empower others
Acknowledge expertise
Seek feedback
Be open to new ideas and approaches
Collaborate decision making
Support from behind the scenes
Model humility
Facilitate growth
Encourage diverse voices

Leadership is not about ego.

Nor is it about always being in the forefront.

It’s about recognizing the collective strength and wisdom of the entire team.

And sometimes it requires you to take the backseat…

To follow.

In order to let your team shine.

They’ll grow.

You’ll grow.

Your team will become better for it.

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