How to Make Decisions From a Place of Purpose

How to Make Decisions From a Place of Purpose

In turbulent times, I see this one thing over and over again.

We start looking through a scarcity lens.

And because of that, we take what’s being offered to us

Even though in our hearts we know it’s not a good fit

Or the right thing for us.

Whether it’s our career; the organization we choose or the position we take.

Or our relationship,

Or our well-being.

It’s a short-term fix

And that short-term fix has consequences on:

*** The people we lead
*** The relationship we’re in (or not in)
*** Our family, friends and community

And finally, perhaps most importantly, on our well-being.

It’s like putting a bandaid on a wound without addressing the infection first.

The wound never goes away.

And you’ll end up in the same place you are in today.

Go for the long-term solution.


Ask yourself:

Am I making this decision from a place of purpose or a place of fear?

And choose the place of purpose over and over again.

How do you avoid making short-term fixes?

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