Next Level In Leading Vs. Doing

A couple weeks ago I wrote about shifting your mindset from doing to leading.  As I began exploring this topic further I began thinking about how it was for me when I first started leading.  I was given the title of “manager” and bam, I was expected to lead without any experience or training. Nothing like being thrown into the shark infested waters, right?   

I had no clue:

  • How to coach my people if they weren’t performing 

  • How to praise them for going above and beyond

  • How to support them in moving to the next level 

  • How to identify if they were even in the right roles

Much like me, the experienced executives/entrepreneurs I work with have had a similar experience! 


They’ve been in a world where they are either meeting their numbers (or whatever the goal was) or they didn’t.  They didn’t have someone …

  • getting underneath why they weren’t meeting the goal 

  • discussing / guiding what they wanted to do next in their career

  • laying out and reinforcing the how to get there

And so, the cycle continues…


But what if you stopped this vicious cycle and:

  • Clearly identify your organizations Values and Behaviors

  • Defined what those Values and Behaviors look like in action

  • Clearly define what it looked like for your associates to exceed expectations, meet expectations, partially meet or fail to meet?

  • Went beyond the numbers and started coaching your associates to the behavior that is driving the number, the goal, the end result?

What’s possible by leading this way?  As I indicated in my last blog Doing vs. Leading, I assert you’ll find an increase in:

  • Employee retention

  • Productivity

  • Profit

  • Meaningful Relationships 

  • Self Well being

The question is…are you willing to go beyond what you know and stop that cycle from continuing?

Seems to me that it’s worth it to achieve the results you’re after!

Believe in yourself, believe in others…what can that create?

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