One Trend Across All Companies

In working with hundreds of CEO’s, Sr. Executives and Executives from Startups to Fortune 500 companies there’s one trend across all of them.

It’s not surprising that they’re experiencing:

  • Low Productivity

  • High Turnover

  • Lack of trust

  • Employees are stagnant

  • Their team isn’t working as a one but rather individually

  • Failures in meeting their business goals (both revenue generating and process orientated)

90% came to me either not having 1:1’s all together or they are utilizing these to merely get project updates or micromanage the work that needs to be done. 

There’s no development of their employees. 

They’re singularly focused on the work rather than their people.

Instead of getting what they need AND giving their employees what they need. 

Coaching and development.

It can be as simple as dedicating 30 minutes a week or an hour bi-weekly asking some simple questions and actions:

  • What are their personal and professional goals?

  • What do they want to learn?

  • How would they like to contribute to the team/organization?

  • What gets them excited about getting up and coming to work?

  • Explaining the “why’s” behind strategic decisions

  • Have them bring back their key learnings in their development to you and the rest of the team (if applicable)

And just by doing so, you can:

  • Meet and/or exceed your business goals ($$$$$$)

  • Reduce employee turnover ($$$$$$)

  • Increase productivity ($$$$$$$)

Just like we did with my client, an SVP of Sales. They went from coming in with a $50M miss in his sales targets to being on 100% on target, reducing their employee turner from 25% to 5% and driving productivity within' his team.

Coaching and Developing your team is foundational in building a culture within’ your team and organization. 

Not only that - there is also a financial win that you can achieve as well.

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