How to Overcome Criticism in Leadership

How to Overcome Criticism in Leadership

Dear Leaders,

No matter how long you’ve been in a leadership position this will happen.

You will be judged.

Judged by your:

Clients (Prospective and new)

Judged for your:

Vision and Strategy
Communication skills
Integrity and Ethics
Team Building
Delegation and Empowerment

Do not let these judgments derail you.

Or take them on as the absolute truth.

Identify a trusted source.

Someone who will tell you the good, bad and ugly truth.

Constantly ask for feedback from them.

Hone in on areas you can develop.

And then put the work into developing in those areas.

All while staying true to your values.

Showing up as your highest and best self.

People will always have a judgment, it’s about identifying whether that judgment is true.

Or just a story they’ve created to make themselves feel better.

Know the difference.

So you don’t take on someone else’s story.

And begin to doubt yourself in the process.

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