The Role of Personal Responsibility in Career Development

The Role of Personal Responsibility in Career Development

This may be a hard pill to swallow.

It’s easy to blame others for what is or isn’t happening in our lives.

To be the victim of the story.

But the reality is, we’re responsible.

We’re the ones that are making a choice.

We’re choosing our:

1. Career: Your career path. The company you work for. The leader you work for. The team you lead. How you show up day in and day out.
2. Relationships: Who’s in your inner circle. Whom you surround yourself with.
3. Health: Prioritizing your physical and mental health and make healthy choices. Whether you’re on the road 80% of the time, living out of a suitcase, or at home 90% of the time.
4. Finances: How to manage your money and what you want to save or invest for your future. Whether you make $25K a year or a $1M.
5. Location: Where to live and what kind of environment you want to be in.
6. Giving back: To contribute to society, help others, and positively impact the world.
7. Lifestyle: How you want to live your life, what activities you enjoy, and what hobbies you want to pursue. You can choose whether you live to work or work to live.
8. Mindset: Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Do you look at things that you did not accomplish as a failure? Or as an opportunity to grow?
9. Actions: What we do….or don’t do.
10. Personal growth: To learn new things, explore new experiences, and grow as a person.

If you don’t like how things are going.

Change it.

Be responsible.

Take one action daily that will move you towards what you really want.

The more responsible we become for having the power of choice.

The more opportunities will become available to you.

No one can change your story but you.

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