How to Prioritize Your Health as a Leader

How to Prioritize Your Health as a Leader

Two weeks ago, I had a medical scare.

Generally speaking, I’m pretty darn healthy. I eat well. Exercise. Sleep. Drink loads and loads of water etc.

I go to the dentist and do my typical annual physical on schedule without thinking twice.

Yet, I put off a screening.

In December I finally scheduled and went in for my appointment.

The results were abnormal. Nothing unusual or alarming about that, it’s pretty common.

I made my follow-up appointment and had a 3-hour appointment.

Only to be met with the same results, abnormal. “We need a biopsy”

At that point, I was scared and angry.

Angry at myself for putting off the screening.

But ultimately, angry that I did the thing that I preach and preach to my clients.

Put my health as a second priority to work.

For me - I was lucky.

The results of the biopsy were benign. (thank goodness and a heavy sigh of relief)

I see leaders do this ALL THE TIME.

Prioritize their work, team, clients, and organization over their health.

And in doing so they've ended up with:

Heart attacks
Mental Breakdowns

The simple fact is - none of that matters if you’re not here.

Don’t wait.

Nobody is going to prioritize you, except for you.

And we need you around.

What have you been putting off?

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