When You Shouldn't Promote Your Top Performers

When You Shouldn't Promote Your Top Performers

Please don’t promote an employee into a leadership position just because they shine in their current roles.

We've all seen it...

Or done it ourselves.

Promote an employee who's a rockstar in their current role.

Not because they’ve already demonstrated the competencies of a leader

And once they’re promoted

The employee who was once a superstar

Suddenly begins underperforming

Not only are they unhappy

The team they are now responsible for is unhappy too.

And the perfect storm has been created.

Instead - take a step back.

Ask yourself:

Are they demonstrating leadership competencies?

** Critical thinking
** Strategic thinking
** Effective communication
** Strong decision-making
** Willingness to learn
** Ownership of their development
** Adaptability
** Team building
** Accountability
** Being a leader of their peers

Do they want the responsibility of a team?
Do they want to transition from doing the work - to leading and inspiring others to do the work?
Do they want to teach others how to be successful?

Not everyone is made for leadership.

Nor do they want it.

And that’s ok!

We need them too!

They play an important role in the team’s success.

In their organization’s success.

Find out what they really want.

And then support them in that endeavor.

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