How Comfortable Are You Receiving Feedback From Your Team?

How Comfortable Are You Receiving Feedback From Your Team?

Less than 30% of leaders state they receive feedback according to Gallup.

That means that 70% of leaders are NOT receiving feedback.

Part of that is because the majority of leaders don’t get real honest feedback.

Just because you don’t see your blind spots & weaknesses doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Whether you realize it or not, your leadership has a direct impact on your team's ability to perform at their highest & best…

Which ultimately affects the bottom line.

There’s a better way than to lead in a silo (ignorance is rarely bliss and often has costly consequences).

You might think you’re excelling in leadership, but the truth might shock you.

Don’t be the leader who assumes he’s doing great.

Be the leader whom others look up to.

Be the leader who models the way for their team.

The results will follow.

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