I’m a runner.  I run to be healthy, take care of myself and quite frankly, I love to eat!!  But as the cold winter months arrive and I have to run indoors, it is incredibly boring. I noticed that running wasn’t doing as much for me anymore. I wasn’t building any new muscles and I wasn’t having fun…I was stagnant.    Last month, a friend and I decided to try out a few gyms in our area. I needed something new and fresh, and he did too! Not that I was going to stop running but I needed something more!   

We started with one gym for a 30-minute workout…

  • Was it fun?  YES!  

  • Was it challenging?  I wouldn’t say it was challenging

  • Did it provide variety?  No!

  • Did I feel it the next day?  YES!


But it was very routine and within’ 30 days, I knew I’d be stagnant once again.  My friend and I kept searching and we tried another gym…this one for 10 days. And I fell in love…

  • Was it fun?  YES!

  • Was it challenging?  More than I even knew possible!

  • Did it provide variety?  YES – Hello kickboxing, TRX, killer Abs and Strength Training!

  • Did I feel it the next day?  YES…and not just the next day, but the one after that and so on!


Finally!  I found something that pushed my limits (thanks Ryan and Matt and all my fellow Brew Fitness friends) and I was feeling stronger after each workout!  When I thought about how this occurs in life, I saw what’s normal for us is to create stagnancies in multiple areas of our lives…

  • Career - Stay in the same career…it’s comfortable and predictable

  • Business – Playing it small vs. going after the big goal

  • Personal –  Do you:

    • Eat the same food

    • Exercise the same way

    • Hang out with the same people

  • Relationship…can you predict how each week will go?

    • The conversations you’ll have

    • When you’ll be intimate with one another

Are we satisfied (aka stagnant)?  Eh…Probably. But is just being satisfied how you want to live life?  For me…I don’t. I want to be hungry for what I can create through trying new things and having new experiences.  I want to be uncomfortable, so I can see what else is out there and possible.

In this New Year…it’s your turn to choose…do you want to stay stagnant or create something special and different that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?  

Believe in yourself, believe in others….what could that create?

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