Think Your Employees Are Happy?

Think your employees are happy? Here’s what’s really going on.

It’s that time of year. HR sends out a culture survey. They get it back & celebrate: “90% of employees feel positive about their position and the future of our company.”

But with only 1 in 3 employees trusting their leaders, most people don’t answer those surveys honestly.

So the survey stats are BS.

Yet companies use them to gauge success. There’s a massive lack of awareness. If there’s no awareness, you can’t start practicing something different because you’re unaware of it.

Pillar 2 of Performance Accelerator is all about becoming the leader of yourself at work.

We create self-awareness to identify:
👉Strengths + opportunities
👉Who you are at your core as a leader 
👉Your expectations of self + team 

We did this for one executive & he: 
⭐Cleaned up his relationship with his team 
⭐Received a glowing performance review from the CEO 8 months later
⭐Decreased employee turnover 
⭐Was recognized for how his team was operating & achieving goals

You might think your people are happy, but the truth might shock you.  You might be surprised to learn how your leadership impacts your team’s and overall organization’s success, even if you’re checking all the boxes.  You don’t need a culture survey to tell you how your team is doing. 

The results should speak for themselves.

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