The Top Mistake Executives Make That Keeps Them Overworked

The Top Mistake Executives Make That Keeps Them Overworked

“My team isn’t performing like I need them to,” executives tell me.

So naturally they end up having to get involved.

They can do the work better/faster themselves anyway, they think.

Before they know it, they’re doing far too much.

And find themselves on the fast path to burnout.

So, what’s going on?

The hard truth to swallow is that they often don’t even understand their team’s strengths.

So of course they’re not leveraging them to the max.

It starts with us as leaders.

If we understand a person’s strengths, we can assign the right tasks and responsibilities to them.

We can also leverage them to teach and pass on that strength to someone else on the team who doesn't have it.

This allows us to:
-free up our time
-feel confident things are getting done
-finally focus on high-level vision and strategy

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