Transforming Your Resolutions Into Reality

Transforming Your Resolutions Into Reality

As we breeze past March, let's have an honest moment about New Year's resolutions.

By now, 80% have fizzled out.

Fast forward to the end of the year, and only 8% are kept.

From hitting the gym to spending more time with family, the intention is there, but...

The follow-through isn't.

Why? Usually it's because of…

-a lack of a compelling 'why'
-no concrete plan
-missing accountability

Clients I work with usually fall into 1 of 2 buckets:

1 - They’re active. Working out and eating healthy are integrated in their lives, but they’re not fulfilling their bucket list items, like running a marathon.

2 - Their health has taken a back seat to everything else. They’re:
-sleep deprived
-working weekends, mornings and nights
-not eating healthy
-not exercising

Here’s the truth for both groups:

How we manage one aspect of our life invariably spills over into others.

It impacts our productivity.

Leadership effectiveness.

Personal relationships.

And ultimately, our bottom line.

Like the Executive I worked with who went from being overweight, not sleeping, drinking too much, eating poorly and constantly stressed at work to…

A 40% pay increase in a new role aligned with his values and passion, all while losing 25lbs.

Whether you’re ready to finally prioritize your whole well-being or tired of bookmarking your bucket list items for “another day”, I can help.

Let’s transform your resolution into reality.

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